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Thank you all you for sharing this evening with us... and big thanks to Café Hängmattan for inviting us to play there!

Café Hängmattan, Majorna, Gothenburg

Foto: Jack Werner


We have a new singer and guitarist in the band… so, WELCOME Ida! :)We’re working really hard (especially Ida!) to get up to speed, rehearsing, and recording two demo songs so we can book a gig as soon as possible.There’s a little bit more about her here: http://dewsongs.com/ida.html
We’ll be taking photos of the whole band together the next time we rehearse, which I’ll post here as well.I think I can speak for the whole of the rest of the band, that we are really, really happy to have Ida with us now! :)



What a wonderful evening. So many kind, friendly, beautiful people at the gig and party. Wow!

Love, Peace and Flower Power!


November 2013

Hi! It's been a while since I updated the website and shared some news.

Finding times when we could all rehearse together has been a bit difficult - Even so we're once again "gig-ready"! :D

If things work out, later on in the spring we're going to have a BIG PARTY and GIG!
More information 'bout that soon!

To be sure to get gig information please become a "friend" on our Facebook Page.


Timi on crutches! :/ Nov 19th

Hi! I had major knee surgery a week ago. It went well and I'm feeling fine, 'though the last week I've been pretty groggy. Thank you, all of you for your support the last week - It means so much to me to have such wonderful people in my life.

Groggy Timin:


Chalmers Gig

The gig went great. We played as a trio, with Ingmarie doubling as backing singer. Big thanks to Fritte who helped out behind the sound mixer.


November 19th

Well, we've been rehearsing new songs, trying to find a new backing singer (might have got that sorted, will let you know after next weekend), and I've been spending a lot of time recording eight songs that will be "Dewsongs Three". It's going well.

On saturday 1st december we'll be playing a short gig at a member's only club at Chalmers. Sorry we can't invite you all :( Hopefully though, we'll be gigging more regularly soon. I'll keep you posted here and on Facebook


Winter 2012

I spent this winter bicycle riding around New Zealand's South Island with my great friend and the band's sound engineer, Pär. Pictures of our trip in the amazing nature and landscapes are here

After that I hung out on a beautiful Island in the south of Thailand writing more pages in my book, and working on new songs. Here's me hard at work! ;)


Gig på Gbgs Ju-Jutsu Klubb

We played a short set, five songs, at Göteborgs Ju-Jutsu Klubb´s 35 year celebration on the 22nd October. Congrats to the club, and thank you all for a great evening.

This was Olivia´s last concert with "Dewsongs".
She leaves us with beautiful memories. Merci, La Marmotte!

Premiere Gig!

Thank You everybody! - all the friends of the band - who shared this special evening with us.

It's been a rainy summer and the evenings have been getting colder, but we were lucky to get a beautiful evening, even if a fair number of mosquitoes came to visit as well! :)


"Dewsongs" now has a Facebook page:
Please go in and "like" us!


Dewsongs Three

In the works :)

The cover work is already done. You can see it here.

From tree to sea


Winter 2011, Sinai - Egypt

I spent three months in the desert this winter working on a book... Well, actually in a village by the Red Sea in the Sinai desert.
I've put some pictures up here mostly of the sea, sunsets and sunrises and the little oasis where I lived for a few months when I was nineteen years old... beautiful memories.


Ingmarie and Urban! Welcome!! :D

Ingmarie plays flute and Urban double bass.It sounds great!!! :D No need to say how happy I am to have met these wonderful musicians.


"Dewsongs Two" has finally been finished! :D

Thank You everyone who has helped me along the way, especially Eva who found the time to record the backing vocals when she was visiting Gothenburg.

You can listen to the album here.

If you want to buy either of the albums just send me 5 EURO(7 USD, 50 SEK) and I'll send you a CD. Buy them both and I'll send the book "Dew" for free aswell! :)

The two albums can be listened to on the "Recordings" page.

The lyrics are here


California Winter 2010

Well I'm back! :) Two months of winter bicycle riding and camping in the deserts of California... It was incredible. Storms and rain, burning sun and freezing nights, mountains that seemed to just keep going up and up with the wind blowing me backwards and days when I thought I was flying! :)

I've put some pictures of the trip here

This year I really hope we can put this project together and start playing live.
Last year was a bit tough for me, pain and a hip operation... Thank You all my friends who kept me company and went shopping for me when I couldn't get about >:D<




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