© 2008
Timothy R. Jarvis
My old travelling guitar which I wrote many songs on: a Raimundo 104. The head broke off a long time ago, but was fixed, although it's still a bit crooked.
I now have a new guitar of the same model to travel with... and a hard case
  Travelling guitar laying in a hammock on a beautiful hot summer day... probably waiting for a cold beer...  
This is the latest guitar I bought to play live with: an Antonio Aparicio AA300... wow!
This was the guitar I used for most of the songs on "Dewsongs One": a Camps with nylon strings, also a travelling guitar which eventually broke; the bridge came off probably because the glue dried out, but was fixed ingeniously by a guy who I then gave it to, 'cos it seemed like that would mean a lot to him...


The other two guitars on both the albums: a "Pearl Custom Export" - a very rare electric guitar, and a "Sigma" steel-strung acoustic guitar.
The guitar strap on the "Pearl" is actually made from my very first, white, ju-jutsu belt.
  A while back I bought this beautiful guitar; a Raimundo 148, directly from the factory.
It's the guitar I play on "Dewsongs Two".
The somewhat different sound is also due to the "John Pearse Thomastik" strings I now use.